Simple & intuitive visual editor

Construct executable application frameworks quickly, integrate existing components and verify your application structure prior to coding using MTF.NET's simple and intuitive visual editor.


Automatic always in-sync code generation

A key feature of MTF.NET is the ability to modify your MTF.NET component diagrams and to have 100% confidence that the executable code is always in-step. This means you can effectively treat the diagrams as 'visual code' and work confidently at this higher level of abstraction.


Integration with Visual Studio

MTF.NET has been designed from the outset to integrate seamlessly into Visual Studio. MTF.NET diagrams are an integral part of your Visual Studio project. MTF.NET works in harmony with the Visual Studio experience.


Component integration into .NET assemblies

MTF.NET components are tightly integrated with .NET assemblies so that they are simple to distribute to other developers and take advantage of existing .NET assembly referencing mechanism.


Core and building-blocks component libraries

The core component library provides the essential primitives that you need to exchange data between components with storage, processing, branching and merging operations. The building-blocks component library brings together common patterns of the core primitives into simple reusable higher level components.


High-performance multi-threading runtime

The MTF.NET multi-threading runtime efficiently executes your components, keeping as many CPUs busy as possible, maximizing cache locality and minimizing resource usage and contention. In addition, MTF.NET's minimal number of threads improves the ability to debug your MTF.NET component or application.


Cross platform support

MTF.NET is Mono-compatible, enabling you to run your MTF.NET applications on linux and other platforms supported by Mono.


Works with Microsoft Task Parallel Library

MTF.NET and Microsoft's Task Parallel Library are complementary technologies. The Microsoft Task Parallel Library provides fine grain low-level parallel constructs such as Parallel-For that can be used in user custom code that is invoked by an MTF.NET component.

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