Managed Task Framework.NET

MTF.NET enables you to create, develop, navigate and maintain your application structure visually for rapid development, simpler maintenance & easy re-use.

The MTF.NET visual design editor and code generator are integrated seamlessly into Visual Studio for a highly productive development experience.

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  • Simple and easy to use interface

    Creating an MTF component definition is as easy as adding a new item to your project. Drag and drop MTF.NET primitive or MTF.NET components from the toolbox on to the designer and customize their properties. Simply connect these components together to define your software's logical flows.

  • Seamless code generation and code insertion

    Save your diagram to generate its C# class and then simply create an instance of the class in your code - or drag and drop it on to a higher level circuit. Populating a component with custom C# code is as simple as double-clicking its icon.

  • Easy component re-use

    Re-use is as simple as referencing the assembly that contains your target MTF.NET component and dragging an
    instance of your component onto the designer.

  • A simple concurrent paradigm

    MTF.NET provides a simple paradigm for interfacing concurrent components, making it easy to build componentized applications with many parts executing in parallel without having to resort to coding threads.

The benefits of using MTF

Code faster & navigate easier

Develop faster with visual drag-drop design and automatic code-generation.
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Realize your UML design

MTF.NET provides component diagrams that are tightly integrated into Visual Studio 2010 and .NET.
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Keep code & design in-sync

Build a visual design that always stays in-sync with the code.
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Enable more efficient planning

Streamline project planning with well-defined tasks and dependency visibility.
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Give your product the edge

Differentiate your products and give them the edge over the competition.
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Free 30-day trial

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