Frequently Asked Questions

MTF.NET Professional

Q. What is MTF.NET Pro?

MTF.NET is a visual designer for developing software component models from within Visual Studio ensuring that model and code remain in-sync.

Q. Who is MTF.NET Pro for?

MTF.NET is intended for anybody who is developing software in C# for the Microsoft .NET platform using Visual Studio.

Q. Why use MTF.NET Pro ?

MTF.NET solves the problem of traditional software models that require a lot of effort to keep up to date with the code by tightly integrating the component model into Visual Studio and using automatic code generation to ensure model & code are always in-sync.

Q. Why is an integrated component model important?

A visual component model is much easier to navigate and maintain than its equivalent low-level source code so the ability to work with the model directly yields a large productivity boost.

To enable the developer to work with the model directly, it must always reflect the actual source code implementation. Integrating the component model into the development environment means that this crucial synchronization with the code can be automated and therefore guaranteed.


Q. What is PGraph.NET?

PGraph.NET is a programming API used for creating task based parallel programs in .NET.

Q. Who is PGraph.NET for?

PGraph.NET is aimed at coders who want to build parallel .NET applications quickly and easily by avoiding the complexities of traditional threading.

Q. Why use PGraph.NET?

PGraph.NET allows you to set up parallel structures in a few lines of code for an intuitive and productive programming experience.

PGraph.NET employs a truly asynchronous event driven runtime, helping you to keep your CPU loadings as high and evenly balanced as possible.

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