Realize your design

Realize your UML designs

MTF.NET provides component diagrams that are tightly integrated into Visual Studio 2010 and .NET, enabling you to:

  • Design your MTF.NET application from your reference UML component diagrams
  • Work with diagrams that closely reflect your UML design instead of source code
  • Easily reflect implementation changes back into your UML design, if required

The benefit of integration

MTF.NET component diagrams are fully integrated into Visual Studio 2010 and diagram changes are immediately reflected in the code through automatic code-generation. This automatic synchronization means that your visual component model always reflects your underlying implementation and the component diagrams can be browsed and edited with confidence that they are always accurate.

Component diagram code generation

MTF.NET component diagrams generate the necessary code to implement the structure of your components, passing data between them by reference and efficiently executing them across multiple CPU cores for best performance on multi-core hardware.

Concurrency primitives out-of-the-box

Primitives are provided for branching and merging flows between components and managing flow control between components so that you can focus on the business-logic that lives inside your components rather than the complexities of multi-threaded synchronization and data distribution.

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