Plan easily

Enable more efficient planning

Plan easilyWhether MTF.NET is used for a small part of an application or across a whole application or system, the building process involves visually defining a structure at the outset and then incrementally adding functionality. Defining this framework early yields big advantages from a planning perspective.

Take advantage of your visual structure

The process of incrementally adding functionality generally involves many well-defined and isolated programming tasks that can be distributed efficiently to developers.

The framework that is developed using MTF.NET defines where each processing algorithm obtains its inputs and outputs from. This means that each algorithm is fed the information it requires by the framework and so all of its dependencies are resolved by the framework.

This is important for project planning because it means that each implementation task is isolated from the others, making it easier to estimate tasks and to work concurrently on different parts of the application.

Using MTF.NET in an AGILE development process

Although MTF.NET certainly does not prescribe any particular methodology, it works particularly well with incremental development approaches such as AGILE that specify development of a minimal working version at the outset (i.e. a framework), followed by incremental development of additional functionality.

Out of the box benefits

  • Determine your task backlog fast as your framework exposes the outstanding tasks

  • Resolve dependencies early during framework development

  • Improve estimation accuracy by establishing a list of well-defined, isolated tasks

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