Get the edge

Give your product the edge

Get the edgeDifferentiate your products by offering greater customization, by future proofing against CPU architecture advances and development trends. Operate efficiently with effective software component re-use and a simple approach to concurrent software development using MTF.NET.

Support Advanced Customization

MTF.NET provides several key features that enable you to differentiate your software products over the competition. The ability to easily switch between different variants of a component makes it easy to offer extensive product customizations without incurring significant extra costs and compromising reliability.

Realize the cost saving of componentization & re-use

MTF.NET software componentization technology enables extensive re-use of software components by minimizing the development overhead involved in creating and re-using concurrent components. Adoption of a componentization approach drives down cost through re-use of existing code and improves software quality through increased maturity (due to code being continually re-used and refined).

Future-proof against CPU architecture changes

MTF.NET also helps future-proof your software against rapidly changing CPU architectures and development trends. The multi-threading runtime efficiently distributes processing work to available CPU cores ensuring that as more cores become available on the latest CPUs; your software will be able to take advantage of the extra processing power, minimizing the need for costly re-targeting and re-development.

Out of the box benefits

  • Support advanced customization reliably switching components for specific customers

  • Future proof against rising CPU core numbers using automatic task scheduling

  • Enable component re-use to cut costs and improve quality and reliability

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