Code faster

Code faster & navigate easier

Code fasterWith MTF.NET you can design, develop and maintain your application structure visually, enabling you to:

  • See your structure clearly
  • Navigate your code effortlessly
  • Generate an efficient multi-threaded implementation without thread programming.

Experience Rapid Application Development

Build your application structure rapidly by dragging and dropping primitives, components & connections instead of writing time-consuming threading and/or component-integration code.

MTF.NET provides a set of pre-fabricated, general-purpose primitives for common tasks such as:

  • Branching and merging flows
  • Data processing and I/O
  • Data storage

These can be customized with specific C# code, to allow you to build more specific components and ultimately to assemble those components together into a complete application.

Navigate your application effortlessly

MTF.NET comes into its own when you want to navigate your application. Whereas a hand-coded structure would require careful searching through source code to navigate along data flows, with MTF.NET you simply follow the connections on the diagrams and drill down to your C# source code by double-clicking on the appropriate component.

Always-in-sync code generation

MTF.NET diagrams are automatically translated to code each time you save or build ensuring that code and diagram are kept in-sync and you can always trust the diagrams to be the definitive accurate description of your application structure.

Simple componentization & re-use

MTF.NET uses a simple, consistent way of defining how components interact through their interconnections. This means you can quickly and easily encapsulate concurrent functionality in a component definition and then re-use it by creating and connecting instances of that component.

High Performance Implementation

The MTF.NET code generator converts your visual structure into efficient C# code that integrates all of your components and makes the best use of multi-core hardware by scheduling work across multiple threads to ensure best responsiveness and throughput.

Seamless Visual Studio Integration

The editor has been designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with Visual Studio and .NET, with fully automatic code-generation and storage of all component meta-data within assemblies, so that referencing a component is as easy as referencing a class.

Out of the box benefits

  • Build your structure fast with drag-drop design, component re-use & code-generation

  • Navigate your app easily using always-in-sync diagrams from within Visual Studio

  • Realize the benefits of multi-threading without the pain of managing threads

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