Build visually

Keep code & design in sync

Build visuallyWith MTF.NET you can build the visual design for your application structure from within your Visual Studio IDE and let the integrated code-generator automatically update the implementation when your model changes.

Build your visual model

MTF.NET is a visual designer that enables you to capture your vision as a tangible framework that can be verified and demonstrated early in the development cycle before being incrementally populated with C# code.

The structural aspect can be largely designed and tested using dummy data types and null processing for new components, enabling you to verify that the flows through the framework behave correctly before commencing with the implementation of your specific algorithms.

Synchronise your model & code automatically

Your MTF.NET visual model is automatically transformed into C# code every time you hit the save button or rebuild. This means that your application’s implementation is always up-to-date with the visual design giving you the benefit of a high level representation for understanding and communicating your design, with the power of precise and immediate control over the underlying implementation.

Enable extensive component re-use

With MTF.NET, it is easy to build on top of and refine libraries of components for your specific domain. These MTF.NET components can be dropped into your visual framework as complete working entities, progressively increasing your organisation’s capability for rapidly prototyping and developing robust solutions.

Out of the box benefits

  • Develop your structure visually and communicate it easily

  • Keep your model & code in-sync with automatic code generation

  • Simply encapsulate and re-use libraries of components

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