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  • Build visually

    Rapidly develop your application structure using MTF.NET's visual designer

  • Create very fast apps

    Run fast native code and fully exploit multi-core processing power

  • Enable re-use

    Componentize common algorithms and
    re-use by dragging and dropping

Use MTF.NET to ...
Build structure
without coding
Create high-
performance apps
Keep code & design in-sync Enable more efficient planning Give your product the edge
  • Develop easily with visual drag-drop design and automatic code-generation

    Develop your application structure visually by dragging & dropping components and let MTF.NET code-generate an efficient multicore-enabled implementation. Your MTF.NET diagrams are always in-sync with the code and enable rapid navigation of your application.

    • Simple visual development

    • Simple drag & drop re-use

    • No explicit thread synchronization

  • Use your fast native algorithms and exploit multi-core processing to the max

    Using .NET's powerful native code interop you can run C++, Fortran, Pascal or any other native code within your MTF.NET application. This means you can run highly optimized libraries such as Intel's Performance Primitives for the highest level of performance.

    • Use native C++/Pascal/Fortran etc.

    • Fully exploit multi-core

    • Keep all of your CPUs busy

  • Build a visual design that always stays in-sync with the code

    Define your application architecture as a visual model that is easy to understand & communicate and becomes an integral part of your implementation. Always-in-sync code-generation ensures that the implementation never diverges from the visual representation.

    • Easy-to-communicate diagrams

    • Always-in-sync code-generation

    • Realize your architectural vision

  • Streamline project planning with well-defined tasks and dependency visibility

    MTF.NET enables your team to construct a framework, verify it and add functionality incrementally. This helps de-risk development by establishing a backlog of well-defined tasks that can be accurately estimated and by identifying their dependencies early.

    • Determine your task backlog fast

    • Resolve dependencies early

    • Improve estimation accuracy

  • Differentiate your products and give them the edge over the competition

    MTF.NET gives you a stronger competitive edge by providing a component framework that reduces the cost of offering robust customizable solutions and by enabling efficient development through code-generation & re-use.

    • Enhanced customization capability

    • Reduce your software costs

    • Adapt to increasing CPU cores